Works in Progress Update
Far Hills, NJ

First Day of Spring. Feeling Good. Working Hard. Playing Harder.

Last month finished Reality Check: The No BS Guide to Weight Control, Eating Clean, and Staying Fit After 50. Now available on Amazon as a paperback, hardcover, e-book, and audio book. Also available at other online sites and at a bookstore near you.

The Third Edition of Middle Class American White Boy will appear later this spring with ten new narrative poems about the Life & Times of the author.

Wham Bam Stories by Simpson continues to expand weekly with new offerings popping up on our podcast. I think we’re up around 35 short short stories by this time with 50 as the goal before a full-blown publication.

Undaunted, the Jimmie Mattern Story, continues to sell nicely and a screenplay is in the works.

Late in 2022 I finished the first complete draft of Mary’s War, the sequel to Annie’s War. It’s resting in my drawer (hard drive) patiently awaiting my return.

The same goes for a couple other novels, including The Colored Kid and The Capricious Rhythms of Love. As long as nothing strikes me down these stories will eventually see the light of day.

Presently I’m working on the third, or fourth, or fifth draft of Summer of Love: A Day in the Life of Henry Goodfellow, Poet. I love Henry and his family and his crazy in-laws and the big old beach house on Elizabeth Island and Henry’s wild take on the world and his place in it. I’m working my ass off while having a good time to make every character pop, every scene memorable, every sentence entertaining. I as likely as not will not succeed but what the hell else is there to do but try?

You’re a lucky man when work and play are one and the same thang.