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Simpson is a poet, novelist, biographer, editor, and publisher.

He has dedicated an absurd chunk of his adulthood to scribbling stories whilst contemplating the Human Condition. This bizarre vocation has brought lasting contentment along with financial ruin. Worth all the time and trouble?

Hmm. Imagine life sans art.

So, what’s it all about? This Middle Class American White Boy biz?

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It’s Simpson’s attempt to pen a unique and entertaining memoir through narrative verse. Each “poem,” “story,” “yarn,” whatever you want to call it, tells a tale of some life-altering experience in Simpson’s journey on this small planet drifting through the cosmos.

The places he’s ventured. The folks he’s met. The stuff he’s seen and done.

Author’s View

Thomas William Simpson headshot

This is my Third Edition of McAWB. It contains a dozen new narratives of various hues. Several of the existing narratives have been edited, as my memory recalls certain people and events differently now than it did when I first penned the pieces.

Consider this the author’s prerogative to alter reality.

That’s my boy Will, age nine or ten, penning his first story, while the Simpson family hound, Moxie, looks on.