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New York Times reporter Mike Goodman wants to interview billionaire investor Jacob Man. When finally he gets his chance, Goodman gets an earful.

Man tells Goodman he is an Immortal who has been alive in his most recent incarnation since the French Revolution.

So who are these Immortals?

They are, of course, souls who live forever.

They are the 666 Fallen Angels who broke from God after God had the audacity to revoke their ability to procreate.

For centuries the Immortals have battled God and his dream of creating a peaceful, harmonious planet. Whereas God desires love, beauty, and tranquility, the Immortals seek war, pestilence, and chaos.

So how can there possibly be Love among these Immortals?

Read and see.

Love Among the Immortals is a novel of strange and complex ideas, but it is also an amusing, entertaining, fast-paced tale filled with wonder and love. Three separate love stories spin through these pages, all with their own trials and tribulations, conflicts and resolutions.

There is also power on these pages, and politics, as one of the wealthiest Immortals on earth is busy running for President of the United States. Yes, Rex Blackman, The Black Cat, who imports illegal immigrants onto his New Mexico ranch and then hunts them for sport, has secured the nomination and is knocking on the White House door.

You have never read a novel quite like Love Among the Immortals. It is all at once alarming and a hoot. You blow off the Audacious Insanity of the premise one page and Fret it may all be Feasible on the next. Anyone who believes in God might well be convinced of the existence of Immortals.

Tongue in cheek?

Perhaps, but believe us when we tell you: The Immortals orchestrated the election of the crazed, maniacal narcissist Donny Trump as a means to further erode representative democracy and social decency. The election of such a complete horse’s ass to the Presidency of the United States is all the evidence you need to know Immortals exist among us.

Be alarmed. Very alarmed.

Author’s View

Thomas William Simpson headshot

While still just a lad, Thomas William Simpson was abducted by aliens and taken to a distant galaxy where they temporarily removed his brain and replaced it with an old-fashion Hoover vacuum cleaner that allowed him to suck up enormous amounts of worthless details and annoying minutiae about a great many things.

Some years later, back on earth and with his brain back where it belonged, this vacuum cleaner experience came in handy when Simpson decided it would be challenging, and great good fun, to be a novelist as a novelist, among other things, is a curious individual who knows a little bit about a lot of different stuff.

In his novel Love Among the Immortals, Simpson delves into several themes that have long held his interest—love, power, politics, aging, wisdom, humor, and the sheer mystery of life itself.

If you are a fan of Simpson’s expansive and esoteric work, Love Among the Immortals will both surprise and delight you.