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No man is an island and no writer can do without the services of a good, objective edit. Do you have a manuscript that needs a keen eye and a neutral point of view?



Do you have a book, fiction or nonfiction, you want to publish? The titles offered here are just the beginning of what will be a gold rush of direct, personalized publishing. You can publish your book through our site. We take care of the minutiae so you can focus on the writing.



Do you have a book idea that can’t quite get out of the inspiration stage? With over twenty novels notched on his holster, Thomas William Simpson knows how to turn an idea into a finished and polished manuscript. Let him help you.



We consult on every component of the writing/ publishing process: ideas, outlines, structure, composition, clarity, characterization, revisions, editing, publishing, and promoting. These services are offered for the brand new author writing her first short story to the ambitious attorney hoping to be the next John Grisham.

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We offer complete ghostwriting services. Perhaps you have a great idea but no time to execute the story. No problem. We will ghostwrite your story in a professional and personal manner.

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