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Bell is a regular guy. A middle class guy. A working stiff. A ‘Found Art’ sculptor but still a working stiff. A wife and five (5!) kids. He’s a lot like you. Or your brother. Or your buddy. Or maybe your husband.

Sure, he checks out good looking women. Gives them the eye when they sashay down the street. Chats them up when the opportunity arises. Fantasizes about having a fling, a tryst, an affair.

But Bell’s true blue. A faithful and honorable guy. Or thinks he is. To Emily. Their kids. Their whole crazy, chaotic union.

Of course, Bell is also a man. And men are given to temptation. Beautiful women are a temptation. Especially beautiful women who flirt and tease.

The Affair is about temptation. And seduction. Deception and manipulation.

The Affair is about Bell. And Emily. And the beautiful Ava, who had been, as a young woman, one of the most alluring and sought after fashion models on earth. Now, the chance for revival dangling in the breeze, Ava has inserted herself in Bell and Emily’s world.

But why? To what end? What is Ava after?

And now that she has arrived can things ever be the same again?

The Affair bristles with sexual tension and marital strain. Bell finds himself caught in the middle: Desire or duty? Lust or love? Bell is not a complete fool. He knows full well he risks everything every time he takes Ava into his arms. And into his bed.

But it quickly becomes clear Bell is clueless. He’s nothing but a pawn. Whole worlds to which he is not privy are unfolding around him…

We all live in worlds of our own making.

And unmaking.

The Affair is a provocative and contemporary erotic thriller. It will change the way you feel about relationships, commitments, marriage.

Your own marriage may never be the same again.

Nothing good can come of The Affair.

Author’s View

Thomas William Simpson headshot

The Affair hits very close to home.

Fortunately, not my home. I am a happily married man. I wedded well into middle age after sowing my oats far and wide. You might say I got it out of my system.

Bell is not so lucky. He married his childhood sweetheart, and now, after many years of wedded bliss, he, well… he’s maybe a tad bored. He might not go out of his way looking for extracurricular excitement, but if the opportunity presented itself…

A work of fiction? Hardly. The Affair is a story we’ve all heard over and over again.

Husbands cheat. Wives cheat. It takes two, they say, to tango. Sometimes, probably a lot of the time, things go awry when infidelity creeps into the house. The proverbial shit hits the fan.

So why did I write The Affair? For fun. To make some money. Because even before I wrote the first sentence I had a great ending. A shocker. A short story ending. Endings have never been my forte. But this time I had one. A real one.

I wrote the first draft of The Affair in a notebook with a very fine Mont Blanc pen while on an extended summer holiday in Maine. In the morning I scribbled in bed. In the afternoon I scribbled on the dock while the kids frolicked in the lake and the adults read novels and biographies. In the evenings I scribbled on the sofa after the rest of the family had gone to bed. Within a few weeks I had the first draft complete.

That was a few years ago. Since then the manuscript has gone through at least a dozen drafts. The ending has always stayed the same but the journey to that ending has taken several paths.

For a year or more the manuscript was in the hands of a producer at Fox Torchlight. He and I both wanted to see The Affair turned into a film. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, and countless revisions, we never signed a contract. Still, the frustrating business proved excellent for the health and well being of the novel. I now have a crisp, sharp-edged, erotic thriller for your enjoyment.

Let me know if you like the story. The beauty of this kind of publishing is the straight line between the writer and reader. You can email your thoughts and suggestions directly to me. Maybe your suggestions will show up in a subsequent draft. Electronic and on demand publishing allow for quick and easy revisions.