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Sure, we all want to be thin, fit, and good lookin’. And we all know the benefits of some daily exercise while we eat clean and drink but little. Now, with the help of this no-holds-barred book, desires become realities.

If, of course, we’re willing to put in the work, take responsibility for our needs and deeds. Take control of the quality and, yeah, the quantity of the food we eat and the beverages we drink.

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And okay, we likely need to cut back on all the lazy, languid hours sitting on our duffs procrastinating and partaking. No real options here.

No choice but to get up and get rolling. The sooner we start moving and grooving, the sooner we’ll be thin, fit, and good lookin!

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You only get one body. No trade-ins. No do-overs. Best take care of it. Especially if you’re on the wrong side of 50. Water it. Hydrate, baby. Feed it. Fruits and veggies. Cut down on the crapola. The chips and frosties. And get off your butt. Get a dog. Take Fido for a walk. Twice a day. See you on the sidewalk.